Find that peaceful feeling

Introducing soft snuggable loveys that never go missing

Find that peaceful feeling

Introducing soft snuggable loveys that never go missing

Soft, Smart, and Simple

Technology inspired loveys for the next generation


    All of our lovies include a secure, safe, pocket for Integrated, hidden tracking bluetooth technology devices such as Tile©, AirTag©, or our available Chipolo© making this product findable using your smartphone when you need it the most.  

  • RING

    Use the FIND function on your phone app that emits an easy to hear tone from the RoeRoe lovey.  Quickly your frustration turns to fun!

  • FIND

    The app remembers when and where your child last had their lovey.  Forgot it on a road trip, no problem!


    Share your RoeRoe lovey with others to help you find where it may have been left behind.  

  • Loveys that last a lifetime

    When you attach to something it's hard to let go.  Our trackable kids lovies last and love longer.

  • Their Best Friend

    It's a sad day when you lose your stuffed friend.  Even for a minute.  Don't worry about that ever again. 

  • Technology Saves Time

    Through a simple and easy to use app, your RoeRoe lovey is paired to your phone so you can ring to find it anywhere!

Lost. Ring. Found!

World's first findable lovey - all of our products are exclusively designed with safe and hidden pocket for optional integrated tracking technology.

We've all been there

Every parent finds themselves going above and beyond for the little ones they love.  We are no different.  Learn about the inspiration behind RoeRoe & Co., and how simplicity solves so much.

Hide & Seek

Watch how FUN and EASY it is to use our RoeRoe loveys!

Our Fans


"I wish the RoeRoe was available a long time ago!  Do you know how many hours of my life I've spent searching for lost loveys!?  Too many.  The RoeRoe is now our go to baby gift!"

"Since the day my two girls received their RoeRoe's, they haven't let them go.  They play with them, snuggle them and talk to them!  Their favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with them! Best purchase, hands down."

"We love how soft and cuddly the RoeRoe is!  Our babies love to snuggle them and our toddlers love to use them for hide and seek.  The quality is fantastic and will last through years of loving.  My mom brain also loves that the RoeRoe can be used to find my phone!