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My Friend Kaylie

I am super excited about this blog! Today I’m introducing you to my dear friend Kaylie Franklin!  I think I could write and write and write about how amazing I think this human being is but I will try and keep it a reasonable length.

I have known Kaylie for almost 20 years! That makes me sound old. So very old. How is that possible Kaylie?! Basically, my ex-boyfriend and her husband are friends. Now that makes me sound 16… ex-boyfriend. Kaylie’s son Holden was our ring bearer at our wedding 14 years ago!

And over the 20 years that we have known each other, one thing has always remained the same. And that one thing is how I am always in awe at how incredibly talented Kaylie is. She can DO anything. I’m not even kidding. Going home décor shopping with her is annoying because she says she can build everything, and I know she can! Giver her power tools and a table saw and she’ll get it done.

She is originally a city girl from Lethbridge, but I can’t even call her that anymore. Kaylie is now a rancher.  She can saddle and ride a horse with the best of them. She talks about animals, especially horses and cattle, like she is an expert. Kaylie is not afraid to bring new animals to the farm. She currently has cattle, horses, kittens and three chickens. And two kids, Holden and Billie.

Kaylie is an entrepreneur at heart. She has an idea and she just does it. When she was 21 she started her own wedding and event planning business! For many years she was the person behind the Weddings on the Border wedding show. As a result of her event planning business, she discovered her passion for photography. She is the amazing photographer behind HerStory Western Lifestyle Photography. She has taken our family photos for the last six years and is also the genius behind many of our RoeRoe & Co. photos. Although our images are amazing, her brilliance shines when she is taking pictures of animals. I don’t know about you, but horses scare me! She’s not afraid to be standing right in front of a herd of running cattle or in the middle of a branding session. Kaylie has recently delved into offering photography courses! She does nothing half ass. Every detail is on point. One of her photos was previously featured on the cover of Canadian Cowboy magazine!  And check out the photo at the end of the blog from her latest Christmas mini sessions!

And to top it all off, she is a student!  She is currently taking Ag Business through Olds College, because why not!? Why not learn more to be better at what you do?! This is probably my most favorite thing about Kaylie. She never sits on the sidelines. She does not wait for things to happen for her, she makes it happen. She is gracious, kind, hilarious, the best story-teller,beautiful, motivated, a problem-solver, an adventurer and an amazing Mom.

Q & A
Rebecca: Can you believe we have known each other for 20 years?!
Kaylie: That is soooo crazy! I have always felt like we have know each other for a lifetime but I guess we basically have! I don’t remember exactly where we first met but it’s like you were never not there. You instantly fit it! I love that through all the years, it was you I stayed connected with.

Rebecca: Why do you think you are the way you are? A go-getter. A doer. A problem-solver.
Kaylie: That is a good question! I think good genetics are a factor. Both my Mom and Dad where very motivated people. My Dad could fix anything and my Mom never gave up when things got tough! I truly think you learn by example. I had a lot of good examples when I was growing up in that department. 

Rebecca: What are you most passionate about in life?
Kaylie: Such a good questions. First off my kids! I want them to be brave, ambitious, genuine, caring and forgiving. Second I would say being the true me! I get caught up in trying to make sure everything is perfect and right that sometimes I forget what my end goal is.

Rebecca: What is your favorite thing to photograph? My family? Haha!
Kaylie: 100% the Bills family! But in all honesty, I would say real life. I’m drawn to western lifestyle but I just really love real and raw people doing what they love with who they love. 

Rebecca: If you had advice for someone starting their own business, what would it be?
Kaylie: Take your time! Just because others works at one pace does not mean that is your pace. You may have other responsibilities that they don’t have. Be true to what you want, take advice, filter advice and build a good team of people that want to see YOU succeed.

Rebecca: What are some of your favorite song lyrics?
Kaylie: Oh I have a few!
Some of it you learn the hard way
Some of it you read on a page
Some of it comes from heartbreak
Most of it comes with age
And none of it ever comes easy
A bunch of it you maybe can't use
I know I don't probably know what I think I do
But there is somethin' to
Some of it
~ Eric Church

Rebecca: Is there something in your life that you wish was trackable?
Kaylie: My kids, but without a cell phone. That would be handy.

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