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Room for All of Us

So, we’re starting a blog.  The idea came out of a conversation I was having with Warren about Instagram.  I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. It serves a purpose and I love what it can do for small businesses but I wasn’t feeling the love when it came to sharing who I am, what our company is about, my passions and my dreams for RoeRoe & Co.  I have done a few Instastories and when I do I always doubt myself and think why would anyone want to hear about me and my life! It is nothing interesting. If Warren recorded me trying to record a video, you would be in hysterics at how many times I stop and start.  I know practice makes perfect, but in reality, I feel like I need a ton of practice! And that’s okay. You have to start somewhere! I will keep at it, don’t you worry!

Ultimately, I enjoy writing more than I enjoy taking videos of myself.  And so it begins, “Room for All of Us.”  

The one thing I am MOST excited about for this space is writing about others … writing about YOU!  Warren (bless his heart, he’s so smart) said, “You love other people so genuinely, why don’t you write about other people?”  YES! I’m here for it. It’s true. I love learning about other people and what makes them who they are, what makes them tick.  Everyone has a story. With the launch of RoeRoe & Co. we have been very blessed to be meeting some new people. And as we share our lost lovey stories and the vision for our business, we learn that most of you have a similar lost lovey story!  Maybe you’re like me and think people don’t want to hear about your life. I believe they do. I also believe that in this small business world, there is room for all of us. We need to be supportive and encouraging, as well as authentic, ensuring that we demonstrate who we are through it all.

What else can you expect?  I will try and keep it real.  I will share stories about my family, being a mom of four, being a twin mom, my dreams for RoeRoe & Co., my struggle with anxiety and depression, miscarriage, celiac disease and maybe some amazing recipes I have found in the past six years.  People want to know that what they are feeling is normal, they want to feel loved and validated, and they want to see the happy, but also the crap. I already have people in mind, but if you’d like to be featured (don’t be shy), drop me a note!

~ Becks

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Oct 10, 2019 • Posted by Warren

Great start with a great purpose! Thanks for sharing.

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