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The inspiration for RoeRoe & Co. came from our everyday life raising a busy family.  I knew that there were many other families looking for easy, time saving solutions to make life a bit easier.  

As a new mom to twin girls in 2013, I learned quickly how far I could push myself to laugh, to cry, and love.  Kennedy became very attached to a now very ragged, chewed on and snuggled lovey we call "Owly."  I would do anything to find that lovey for naps, road trips, and bedtime.  As this little lovey and her keeper are now six years older and just as attached, it seems finding Owly, along with the three other loveys, my Ellie, Kessler and Monroe have grown to love, has become more of a challenge, and as you can imagine, a test of patience, especially at bedtime!

With a tech inspired husband, we created the original RoeRoe, which we believe can help a new Mom or Dad, grandparent, or caregiver spend more time with their loved ones.  We find comfort in knowing we can help others.