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*When purchased with supporting CHIPOLO Tracker (Save $10)

1. Download the Chipolo app

Go to Apple App or Google Play Store, download and install the Chipolo mobile application.


2. Create an account / Log in

When you open the app for the first time you will see this instruction screen. Create an account or if you already have an account please select 'Log in'.
You can sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
Or login in with your e-mail address and password.
If you created a new account, open your email and confirm your e-mail address (essential for password reset).

 3. Add a Chipolo

Once signed in press (+) in the app to add a new Chipolo.

4. Pair your Chipolo

No matter which Chipolo you have, this step will make your Chipolo beep.
Firmly press your Chipolo and listen for the sound.
Place the Chipolo close to your mobile device and wait for them to connect. 
Make sure your phones BLUETOOTH is turned ON.
Once connected you will see the checkmark icon and the text 'Success!'.

5. Identify your Chipolo

In the app, you will now see your Chipolo icon.

6. You can now track and ring your RoeRoe!

After clicking done you will automatically return to the overview and you will find your newly added Chipolo.
The basic Chipolo setup is now complete.
Need more help?  Visit Chipolo Support